Added Jan 2014
iPad apps for school – blog by Richard Byrne
Free technology for teachers – blog by Richard Byrne
Android 4 schools – blog by Richard Byrne

Biology Pop (post)
Why the full moon is better in winter (post) from MinutePhysics YouTube channel
Young Scientist Challenge – deadline 4/22/14 (post)
Animated overview of the Earth’s Climate history (post)
Infographics about nature (post)
How we conquered smallpox – TED-Ed Lesson (post)
WWF Wildfinder – see ranges of 26,000+ animals (post) (also as an app)

Added December 2013
Fotopedia Wild Friends – free app (post)
Rocket Science 101 – free app from NASA (post)
Truss Me - $1.99 app (post)
Science of NFL Football – from NBC Learn (post)
NOVA Labs YouTube channel (post)
Mapping the Brain (post)

Added November 2013
Colds, Flu and the Immune System resources (post)
Mole Day Resources (post)
7 free iPad apps for science lessons (post)
Why with Nye - Bill Nye explains Jupiter and More (post)
6 web adventures in science from Rice University (post)
5 short lessons about daylight saving time (post)
NOAA View - Visualizations of Environmental Data (post)
Why STEM matters (infographic) (post)
Teaching Science through Hip Hop from NPR
interactive wind map
Mysteries of the unseen - free iPad app students see common, everyday objects under an electron microscope
First satellite developed by high schoolers sent into space
5 fun physics games (post)
ReadWorks adds more science passages – elem and middle levels (post)
Paleontology 101 from Untamed Science and Pearson OLE (post)

Added October 2013
goREACT - free iPad app from the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago
The Periodic Table of Videos - from The University of Nottingham (post) - demonstration of the characteristics of each element
American Geosciences Institute's Earth Science Week - 151 Earth Science lesson activities (post)
Japanese Science and Technology Center - science lessons (post)
The User's Guide to Energy - from The Atlantic (post) - videos
Shape of Life website - video segments arranged according to the 8 animal phyla from The Shape of Life series from NatGeo and PBS; also lesson plans and worksheets (post)
Global project for students from The Royal Society of Chemistry - measure level of vitamin C (post)
7 free iPad apps for science lessons (post)
the science of autumn colors in Google Earth (post)
short lessons on equinoxes and seasons (post)
seven science lessons that utilize Google Earth (post)
what if you stopped sleeping or going outside? - videos (post)
123D Circuits - design electronic circuits - free tool (post)
Science videos from The New York Times (post)
anatomy app - elem and middle - with free PDF handbook (post)
Human Body Study Jams - web site - elem and middle (post)
Google Maps Oceans Street View (post)
online forensic science games (post)
ideas for teaching with topographic maps (post)
resources to see the effects of climate change (post)
National Library of Medicine Science Resources and here

Added September 2013
Science Method Poster (PDF) (post)
Mara Elephants Who's Who & Whereabouts (post) educational modules in which you can learn how researchers identify elephants
Exploration Design Challenge from NASA (post)
Be Darwin for a day - Google Street View Galapagos Islands (post)
Coral Reef Food Web from NatGeo (post)
Coral Reef Fish Survey Simulation from NatGeo (post)
Autumn Magic - videos and glossary of tree terms (post)
Into the Outdoors (post) - videos and lessons
World Geography Games - has atmosphere, oceans, rivers, Earth among countries and cities (post)
Moon phases, tides and Oreo cookies (post)
pH and pOH - YouTube video from Crash Course in Chemistry (post)
String Theory-masters video parody of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody

Added Summer 2013
Space Exploration timeline from NatGeo
Underwater exploration timeline from NatGeo
Science Friday (web site for radio program)
I didn't know that: Fireworks - YouTube video from National Geographic
BrainStuff YouTube channel -short explanations to fun science questions
Digital Explorer - help students learn about science and geography through the study of expeditions around the world
How big is the ocean? Ted-Ed video lesson (3rd to 8th grade)
American Geosciences Institute education resources
Google Earth & Maps lessons
Mapping Dinosaurs (lesson idea)
lesson ideas for bears
Dangers of Fracking
DNA explained (Vimeo video)
Simple Physics (app review)
Bill Nye iPad (app review)
Climate Science (videos - be sure to click on 'Climate science' at the top of screen)
learning about aviation
3D brain - free app
drop Manhattan into the Grand Canyon (Photshop photos)
Jefferson Lab - math and science puzzles, videos, games - teacher resources page
ChemCollective - virtual labs for chemistry experiments, simulations, visualizations, tutorials, and auto-graded problems
Tweets, drums and Warbles: A digital field guide to NA Birds (app review) - lite/free and paid version
Two minute geology lessons (YouTube videos) (post)
Teaching Newton's Laws Through Rhyme
What is Fire? a short explanation (post)
MinutePhysics - YouTube Channel
Science360 - educational video site hosted by National Science Foundation (post)
Outstanding Science Trade books for students K-12 (from NSTA)
Next Generation Science Standards (from NSTA)
MasteryConnect - CC assessment tracking service - Science standards app (post)
The STEM Gender Gap (NPR)
BBC Science Club - videos (post)
NOVA Labs (post) - a community site for students and other aspiring citizen scientists
10 years of weather in 3 minutes (video)
Do-it-Yourself GIS - free resources for creating data maps
Science of Macaroni Salad (post) - TED-Ed lesson - students can learn about chemical mixtures, solutions and bonds

Added May 2013
Harness the Power of Wind from NatGeo
Climate Commons - weather and emissions data
Crash Course (review the entire year)
Audubon Owls (app)
Trouble in the Hive (lesson plan)
Physics of Bird Migration - video
Timelapse - see how the Earth has changed over the last 25+ years
Clinometer app
Spacewalk - interactive game
iNaturalist - app
Design Squad - from PBS - elementary and middle
7 principles for ocean science app
Space Oddities - lesson plan
frog dissection - app

Added April 2013
Nanospace Molecularium (introduction to properties of atoms and molecules)
Kid Lit authors unit for Earth Day
Ten good video sources for science students and teachers
Distance to Mars (infographic)
Galapagos Education (from NSTA)
Astronomy resources (from NSTA)
Nervous System Guide (from NSTA)
Earth Day apps
National Environmental Education Week
10 Resources for Earth Day
Explore space from your desktop
Jeremy Irons talks trash (new documentary)
3-D printing (making human tissue)
Gulp, don't gag - lesson plan

Added March 2013
Solve the Outbreak app
Untamed Science YouTube
Mouse Party - effects of drugs on mice brains -
NOVA Elements for iPad
5 resources to help students understand the size of the universe
Astronomy apps
videos to learn about daylight savings
CDC: Enviromental Health
apps to explore stars and planets
Forensic outreach a page linking to all of NASA's iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile app
Nat Geo GIS in action

Added Feb 2013
Video tour of International Space Stations
CK-12 Free resources (including textbooks)
Acid Rain example
Resources for learning about asteroids
Explore the Grand Canyone w/Google Maps
various science resources
Eyes on the Solar System
Diggin for rare earths: The mines where iPhones are born infographic in PDF
Yellowstone Natioanl Park Rangers Skype info
Resources for learning about space
32 Resources for Biology teachers

Added January 2013
Pizza physics-New York-style (video)
Digging into the practice of fracking (video)
Flood damage in NYC after Hurricane Sandy -
Drought's Footprint, from 1896 to 2012 -
What could disappear - impact of coastal flooding -
Code Fred - can you keep Fred alive? -
Simple Machines game -
Environmental data posters -
SciShow (Science YouTube Channel) -
Crash Course! Biology (YouTube Channel) -
Crash Course! Ecology (YouTub Channel) -
JASON Project -
PBS STEM Resource Center -
ARKive (endangered species100,000+ pictures and videos) -
WildEarth (3 dozen+ live web cams) -
BBC Nature video collections -
26 sites for physics teachers -
Macaulay Library - worlds largest archive of natural sound and video -

Added December 2012
Wolfram examples by topic
Wolfram physics
Wolfram chemistry
Wolfram materials
Wolfram engineering
Wolfram astronomy
Wolfram earth sciences
Wolfram life sciences
Wolfram Computational Science
Wolfram Units and Measures
Wolfram Weather

PLOS overview
PLOS One (all rigorous science across the full range of life and health sciences) -
PLOS Biology (open access journal) -
PLOS Computational Biology (open access journal) -
PLOS Genetics (open access journal) -
PLOS Medicine (open access journal) -
PLOS Pathogens (open access journal) -
PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases (open access journal)-
TeachLibrary -
WorldWIde Telescope -
Hurricane Sandy before and after -