Primary Sources
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100 milestone Documents (1776-1965) -
Access PA Digital Repository -
Ad Access (advertisements) -
American Memory -
Artifact & Analysis -
Census Statistics -
Charters of Freedom -
Chronology of US Historical Documents -
Civil War newspapers (from Harper's Weekly) -
Civil War: Photographs, Manuscripts, and Imprints -
Core Documents of US Democracy -
Digital Library on American Slavery -
Documents in Early American History -
Eyewitness to History -
Getting Started with Primary Sources in the Classroom
Historic Government Documents from WW II -
History and Politics Out Loud (politically significant audio material) -
History Central: Source Documents -
Inaugural Addresses -
Library of Congress flickr -
Library of Congress Geography & Map Reading Room -
Library of Congress Historic American Newspapers -
Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Reading Room -
Map Collection (David Rumsey) -
Mexico: Photographs, Manuscripts and Imprints -
National Archives -
Nineteenth Century Documents -
Old Magazine Articles -
Our Documents -
PA History (from PHMC) -
PA's Past (digital bookshelf at Penn State) -
Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection -
Repositories of Primary Sources -
State of the Union Addresses -
Thomas (legislative information from Library of Congress) -
Time Archive (1923+) -
Today's document from the National Archives -
US Congressional Documents and Debates (1774-1875) -
US Constitution and Bill of Rights -
Voices from the Days of Slavery -
World Digital Library (significant primary materials from countries and cultures around the world) -
WWI Document Archive -
WWII Photographs (Frank J. Davis) -
WWII Photographs (Melvin C. Shaffer) -

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