Added Jan 2014

iPad apps for school – blog by Richard Byrne

Free technology for teachers – blog by Richard Byrne

Android 4 schools – blog by Richard Byrne

Added November 2013
Why we crave sugar (post)

Added October 2013
Map your recipe - find out where vegetables in a recipe were first domesticated (post)
123D Circuits - design electronic circuits - free tool (post) - upgrades available

Added Summer 2013
downloadable cookbook by kids
What's actually inside an average cup of coffee? - YouTube video from Wired Magazine
using social media (Instagram) to see/show regional food differences (lesson idea)
Google - apps and services to support and promote healthy lifestyle choices
games to try engineering
resources to help students make healthy food choices
National Food Safety Month (September)
Meal Planning, Shopping and Budgeting (from USDA)
Cooking Matters (from Share our Strength)
Hunger Awareness Month (September)

Added May 2013
123D Creature - app
Design Squad - from PBS - elementary and middle
Foodie app
apps to help you cook

Added April 2013
3-D printing

Added March 2013
Free 3D tools:

Added Feb 2013
Healthy Lifestyles: A Balancing Act – book reviews and web sites
Graphic – how many minimum wage hours does it take to afford an apartment?
Hungry History – explore food facts from the past and get the true story behind your favorite dishes

Added December 2012
Wolfram Food and Nutrition
Cut in the Kitchen (knife info-graphic) -
Measure up (info-graphic) -

Added December 2012
Wolfram Units and Measures
Wolfram Materials
Wolfram Engineering