Added Jan 2014
Library of Congress Blogs
Teaching with the Library of Congress Blog
Voices of the Civil War Blog
iPad apps for school – blog by Richard Byrne
Free technology for teachers – blog by Richard Byrne
Android 4 schools – blog by Richard Byrne

Exploring Photographs of Civil Rights Movement Leaders – from Teaching with the Library of Congress
January in History w/LOC – from Teaching with the Library of Congress
Helping Students Visualize the Process of Change with Historic Images – from Teaching with the Library of Congress
An interactive map of The Odyssey (post)
Stack the States and Stack the Contries – apps and Windows 8 app (post)
Life in the Iron Age (post) from BBC
MillerCenter (UofVirginia) Presidential Classroom (post) – exhibits, lessons plans and more
Mission US – Cheyenne Odyssey
Atlas of the historical geography of the US (post)

Added December 2013
Learn the States with Flat Stanley - $0.99 app (post)
That Was History YouTube Channel (post)
Remembering and Studying Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address from Teaching with the Library of Congress
12 Years a Slave: Primary Sources on the Kidnapping of Free African Americans from Teaching with the Library of Congress
JFK, Lincoln, and the power of surprising images from Teaching with the Library of Congress
December in history with the Library of Congress
10 ways to enrich your classroom with primary sources – part 1 from Teaching with the Library of Congress
10 ways to enrich your classroom with primary sources – part 2 from Teaching with the Library of Congress

Added November 2013
17th century London in 3D (post)
How many countries are there? (post)
Gunpowder plot and the story of Guy Fawkes (post)
iWitness from USC Shoah Foundation
Resources for Geography Awareness Week
Crash Course on the Civil War
Kennedy and Lincoln
33 teaching resources on the JFK Assassination
John Locke – 3 min video – basics of Locke’s philosophies (post)

Added October 2013
Civil War Trust - animated maps and timelines (post)
The Wider Image - free app - visually explore the news (post)
3 video explanations of the debt ceiling and a 14th Amendment question (post)
Hip Hughes History - YouTube channel - including The Government Shutdown for Dummies
a seven minute overview of WWII in Europe (post)
The Right to Food - interactive story about hunger (post)
ten educational games for taking IT Global - economics, politics and health - elem and middle (post)
Comparative Constitution Project's Constitute-compare by constitutional theme (post)

Added September 2013
Interactive 'History is an argument about the past' poster (post)
Civil War Interactive poster
C-SPAN lesson plan collection (post)
small collection of resources for 9/11 (post)
22 resources to teach about 9/11 (post)
Sharing 9/11 with your students (post)
CNN Student News Explains Syrian Conflict (post)
Zinn Education Project - website designed to help teachers use A People's History of the United States (post)
World Geography Games (post)
Constitution Day and Citizenship Day resources Sept 17 from
there's an app for this: The Constitution - app and web publication

Added Summer 2013
Gettysburg by the Numbers - interactive info-graphic
Countries inside Countries: Bizarre Borders part 1 YouTube (including graphic showing breakdown of Great Britain, UK, British Isles, etc.-or this video: Difference between the UK, Great Britain and England) Canada and The United States: Bizarre Borders Part 2 Other good videos from this channel here
Women Explorers timeline from NatGeo
Google Earth and Maps lessons
The Spectator (UK) archive
Under His Hat (using primary sources to learn about Lincoln)
PAT - free, open source, collection of maps
Crash Course in US History new videos (Civil War)
500+ Political Cartoons from Library of Congress
Cartoons for the Classroom - from Association of American Editorial Cartoonists
Professional Development Builder from Library of Congress - focusing on primary sources including photographs, music, maps, political cartoons and books
Geodia - timeline and map of Mediterranean archaeology and culture (post)
The European Explained - YouTube video (post)
North Korea: Explained - YouTube video (post)
Geography Awareness Week - November
What is needed for 7 billion people?-link to video (post)
Three ways to look at the world as a village-infographics (post)
Why historical thinking matters & tips for historical thinking (post) with resources
Syrian conflict explained in 5 minutes (YouTube video) (post)
StrataLogica-satellite view and map view of a 3D globe (app) (post)
History Animated - Military History (post)
CNN Student News (post)
Do-it-Yourself GIS - free resources for creating data maps

Added May 2013
Evidence of Cannibalism at Jamestown
Difference b/t UK, Great Britain and England
Holland vs. Netherlands explained
app - Infinity Ring - travel back in time
Crash Course - review the entire year
The Worst Jobs in History - interactive lesson
Vietnam History project
Day in pictures - from BBC
CNN Student
2 Memorial Day resources

Added April 2013
Mission Map Quest (Blog post
Wilson Center International History Digital Archive
Ten good video sources for social studies students and teachers
Vatican City Explained
Mapping history - digital atlas of American, European, Latin American and African history
videos about North Korea
SimpleSort Continents app
Primary source resources
Digital Public Library of America

Added March 2013
Congressional Medal of Honor lesson plans
Create text messages b/t historical persons
5 resources for learning about the history of conflict on the Korean Peninsula
Resources to teach about September 11
Thomas Jefferson's Monticello
Birmingham Civil Rights Institut
Civil Rights Digital Library
PBS Eyes on the Prize Civil Rights activities lesson plans, interactive media, and reference pages
StatWorld - interactive maps of open data
Primary source analysis

Added Feb 2013
Primary Sources and Technology:
Around the World/Time for Kids
Unofficial Teacher's guide to Spielberg's Lincoln -
Dictionary of Historical Terms
Contest-Students are to portray their favorite historical character on video
Understanding Slavery
Gettysburg address and the common core
5 good feed for US History teachers
Various history resources (video-rich history resource) (mobile link
Go Social Studies Go
Civil War Lesson plans from the Civil War Trust
History Channel study guides (for History Channel Classroom programs)

Added Jan 2013
Library of Congress Magazine
Library of Congress teaching with primary sources
Library of Congress teacher's page -
Mission US (free interactive games) (will replace THOMAS) -
Underground Railroad -
Supreme Court Timeline -
Crash Course! World History (YouTube Channel) -
13 resources for social studies teachers -
Inaugural Words: 1789 to present -

Added December 2012
Wolfram examples by topic
Wolfram socioeconomic data
Wolfram places and geography
Wolfram people and history
Wolfram culture and media
From Smithson to Smithsonian: The Birth of an Institution
National Archives Teacher page

This day in history from History Channel -
History topics from History Channel -
Statistical Abstracts from US Census Bureau -
Welcome to C-SPAN Classroom Deliberations -
10x10 (100 words and pictures that define the time)-
Vote on bills in Congress-
Digital Collections at the State Library of Pennsylvania
Historical/Primary sources -
Pennsylvania Civil War 150 -
Pennsylvania Civil War Era Newspaper Collection