Added Jan 2014
iPad apps for school – blog by Richard Byrne
Free technology for teachers – blog by Richard Byrne
Android 4 schools – blog by Richard Byrne

Phrasalstein – app – phrasal verbs (post)

Added December 2013
I Can Haz Spanish Lessons: Cat Pictures Now Have a Purpose - app
Celebrating Mexico with Primary Sources from the Library of Congress
Puerto Rico at the Dawn of the 20th Century from the Library of Congress

Added November 2013
Math practice in 13 languages (post)
Tango, the forbidden dance from CBS Sunday Morning

Added Summer 2013
Open Culture list of places to learn a new language for free
Qwant - multilingual meta-search - search in 15 languages
engVid - 500+ video lessons to help viewers learn to speak and write English (post)
Common Core Basics for ELLs (from Colorado)

Added May 2013
Learn Spanish, English and Polish
VerbBusters (app)
10 good sites and apps to learn a new language
5 iPhone apps to help communicate

Added April 2013
Visuals for Foreign Language Instruction (also good for ESL)

Added March 2013
Surface Languages - learn phrase in target language - blog post:
site: Fun, effective language learning for your students or employees

Added Feb 2013
32 Resources for Spanish teachers

Added January 2013
Free Online Game