Added Jan 2014
iPad apps for school – blog by Richard Byrne
Free technology for teachers – blog by Richard Byrne
Android 4 schools – blog by Richard Byrne

‘Best Practices’ in Literacy Promotion - from Library of Congress; PDF publication that highlights the work
An interactive map of The Odyssey (post)
Open Library-ebooks (post)
English Monstruo – free app – learn verb conjugation (post)
Phrasalstein – app – phrasal verbs (post)

Added December 2013
10 ways to enrich your classroom with primary sources – part 1 from Teaching with the Library of Congress
10 ways to enrich your classroom with primary sources – part 2 from Teaching with the Library of Congress
Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn: Controversy as the heart of a classic from Teaching with the Library of Congress
Plural words, a silent ‘B’ and the history of English – videos from TED-Ed and The Open University (post)

Added November 2013
World's Worst Pet - free iPad add for learning vocabulary - grades 4-8 (post)
The Pit and the Pendulum Rap (post)
using Google Books for research (post)
listen to The Iliad in Ancient Greek (post)
Find your next book (infographic) - scroll to ages 12-14 (post)
LibriVox – public domain audiobooks – free iOS and Android app and website
Phrasalstein – free iPad app helping students learn the meaning of phrasal verbs (post)

Added October 2013
Chronicles of Narnia - free audio book (post)
Word Sense - see connections b/t words (post)
Snappy Words - free visual dictionary and thesaurus (post)

Added Sept 2013
Rewordify.com (post) developed by a special education teacher and former computer programmer for the purpose of helping students read complex passages
Grammar Pop - app $1.99 (post)
Free poetry resouces from the Poetry Foundation
Charles Dickens Death Chart

Added Summer 2013
Instant serials - serialized literature written and illustrated for a general audience
StoryToolz - various tools including title generator
Pair audio books and film - suggestions
Much Ado About Nothing - movie review
Reading history infograph project
Joyce Carol Oates - 51 minute talk from UC Berkeley
New Literacies: Scriptwriting
Google Earth and Map lessons
Dialect Survey Maps
Tour the inside of Mark Twain's house
Where the Wild Things Are video
National Book Foundation Up All Night (history of winners and finalists in Young People's Literature)
DebateGraph - evaluate the many arguments in hot-button global topics
50 States of Middle Grade Lit (map)
100 must-reads for kids 9-14 from NPR (post)
Eye on Idioms (post) from ReadWriteThink
Word Mover - app and web site - create "found poetry") (post) from ReadWriteThink
Shake-a-phrase (app) (post) - story starters and parts of speech. elem and middle

Added May 2013
VerbBusters (app)
Vocab Junkie (app)
Shakespeare Uncovered from PBS - lesson plans
more Shakespeare resources

Added April 2013
Poetry month ideas from Scholastic http://www.scholastic.com/teachers/unit/poetry-month-everything-you-need
National Poetry Month-April http://www.poets.org/page.php/prmID/41
DEAR (Drop Everything And Read Day - April 12) http://www.dropeverythingandread.com/NationalDEARday.html
Poem in your pocket day April 18 - http://www.poets.org/page.php/prmID/406
World Book Night April 23 - http://www.us.worldbooknight.org/
Words Unlocked (poetry month lesson plans) http://wordsunlocked.wikispaces.com/
Spine Poetry Gallery
18 fun resources to help kids w/vocabulary
Interactive Reading Apps
Strategies for struggling readers: conquering a book you don't like (blog post and video)
ReadWorks.orglesson plans and non-fiction reading passages aligned to CC (currently K-6)
Poetry month resources
teach The Great Gatsby w/The New York Times

Added March 2013
Find your fav YA authors on Twitter http://www.yalsa.ala.org/thehub/2013/03/13/connecting-with-authors-on-twitter/
great apps for readers http://www.yalsa.ala.org/thehub/2013/03/15/great-apps-for-readers/
Create text messages b/t fictional characters http://www.freetech4teachers.com/2013/03/create-text-message-exchange-between.html#.UT-mbdbEVI4
Book Spine Poetry http://100scopenotes.com/2012/04/02/2012-book-spine-poem-gallery-2/
Intentional vs Haphazard Research http://khornberger.wordpress.com/2013/03/07/intentional-research-versus-haphazard-research/
Upcoming movies based on children/YA books http://www.slj.com/2013/02/books-media/read-watch-alikes/page-to-screen-upcoming-kids-books-set-for-film-adaptations/

Added Feb 2013
31 ways to celebrate Read Across America Day http://mediaspecialistsguide.blogspot.com/2013/02/happy-birthday-dr-seuss-31-ways-to.html
Essay contest-What do you think about technology advancements and how they will change the way we learn in the future? Is it for the better?http://www.samsungscholarship.com/
Upcoming movies based on bookshttp://reviews.libraryjournal.com/2013/01/in-the-bookroom/films-based-on-books-the-2013-edition/
various LA resources http://mediaspecialistsguide.blogspot.com/p/language-arts.html
To be a boy, be a reader http://e-literatelibrarian.blogspot.com/2013/02/to-be-boy-to-be-reader.html

Added January 2013
Insults by Shakespeare (video) http://ed.ted.com/lessons/insults-by-shakespeare
Letters about Literature http://www.lettersaboutliterature.org/how_to_enter
50 Years of 'To Kill a Mockingbird' on Film - http://blogs.slj.com/connect-the-pop/2012/12/movies/50-years-of-to-kill-a-mockingbird-on-film-a-chat-with-documentarian-mary-murphy/
Crash Course! Literature (YouTube Channel) - http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8dPuuaLjXtOeEc9ME62zTfqc0h6Pe8vb
Learn more about Frankenstein http://www.yalsa.ala.org/thehub/2013/01/24/learn-more-about-frankenstein/#more-5197
5 good feeds for ELA and ELL teachers http://www.freetech4teachers.com/2013/01/five-good-feeds-for-ela-and-ell-teachers.html

Added December 2012
Wolfram examples by topic http://www.wolframalpha.com/examples/

TeachingBooks http://www.teachingbooks.net/
Folger library (Shakespeare) http://folger.edu/
Characters for Hire! Studying Character in Drama http://www.readwritethink.org/classroom-resources/lesson-plans/book-report-alternative-characters-198.html
Common Core State Standards Writing Rubrics Grades 9-10 http://pages.turnitin.com/ccss_rubrics_9-10.html
Common Core State Standards Writing Rubrics Grades 11/12 http://pages.turnitin.com/ccss_rubrics_11-12.html
Common Core rubric video http://vimeo.com/48327220
NCTE 2012 convention handouts http://ncte.connectedcommunity.org/2012Annual/2012Browse
Literary terms http://www.galeschools.com/studenttools.htm