Added Jan 2014
iPad apps for school – blog by Richard Byrne
Free technology for teachers – blog by Richard Byrne
Android 4 schools – blog by Richard Byrne

15+ ways of teaching every student to code (post)
Inside your computer – a TED-Ed Lesson (post)

Added December 2013
Economics lessons for students of all ages (post)
5 good resources for personal finance lessons (post)

Added November 2013
Making Tomorrow’s Computer Science Jobs relevant to students today
Life on Minimum Wage – lesson plan (post)

Added October 2013
Practical Money Skills for Life - funded by Visa (post)
build HTML5 sites and more with Google Web Designer (post)
America's credit history and a credit card debt story (post)

Added September 2013
What is Money video (from The Atlantic) (post)
Credit Card Responsibility and Debt-video (post)
board games aims to teach preschoolers how to code from NPR

Added Summer 2013
Coding resources
Programming apps (younger students); older students
How we can teach CS to every age
Google Security and Privacy Channel on YouTube
Snap! - drag and drop coding for kids
Quest for Credit (video) - with links to other economics lessons
FAFSA/borrow wisely - videos
lessons in computational thinking from Google
Economics in Plain English videos (from The Atlantic) (post)
Cable in the Classroom's Digital Citizenship section

Added May 2113
Create games through YoYo Games
Teach Economics with Seinfeld
Life on minimum wage
Typing Club - free program
Compound interest - video
Crafting strong passwords - videos

Added April 2013
Money Smart Week Resources
5 good places to learn to write HTML
Common Core (using the NYT and code)

Added March 2013
apps for creating animations

Added Feb 2013
Type Rocket -
Graphic – how many minimum wage hours does it take to afford an apartment?
Essay contest-What do you think about technology advancements and how they will change the way we learn in the future? Is it for the better?
Programming is not just for programmers
Demographics of social media users
Mozilla Webmaker
10 places anyone can learn to code
Let's teach kids to code
Teaching Tree (computer science videos)
CSTA K-12 computer science standards correlated with Common Core
Blog post:
Coding for Lifelong Learning: