Added Jan 2014
iPad apps for school – blog by Richard Byrne
Free technology for teachers – blog by Richard Byrne
Android 4 schools – blog by Richard Byrne

Added October 2013
Art Babble - art history (post)
390 free online art history books (post)
Google Cultural Institute - 5,400 new artifacts - emphasis on art and fashion (post)

Added Summer 2013
372 free art history books
Smarthistory - Khan Academy - video lessons, text and audio lessons
25,000 images of art to re-use for free
drop Manhattan into the Grand Canyon (Photshop photos)
public domain images

Added April 2013
Los Angeles County Museum of Art image database
Kyle Kirkpatrick's carved topography (art ideas w/old books)

Added March 2013
Google Art Project
National Gallery of Art
Art Talks on Google+

Added Feb 2013
Digital photography lessons

Added December 2012
Wolfram Colors
Wolfram Graphics gallery